How to Write a Value Proposition: Answer to Dollar Shave Club Practice Problem

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In my post about how to write a value proposition statement, you were asked to look at the Dollar Shave Club website, answer the four important questions and try to write a value proposition statement. I’ve highlighted the answers to the four questions in different colours on the image below.

  1. Product or service? Answer: both. They deliver (service *green*) razor blades (product *blue*).
  2. Problem solved? Answer: In the video he answers this question perfectly. “Stop paying for shave tech you don’t need and stop forgetting to buy your blades every month”. Also, the tagline (*pink*),  “Shave time. Shave money” helps to communicate this.
  3. Who is the product and/or service for? Answer: Men who shave (*purple*).
  4. What is the value or benefit being promised to customers? Answer: They are promising their customersA Great Shave For a Few Bucks a Month” (*yellow*)

dollar_shave_club_markupNext, we can use the answers to the above questions and the template sentence options to write the value proposition statement for the Dollar Shave Club.

Template Sentence – Option #1:

Company name is a product and/or service for this group of people that provides this benefit (or solves this problem).

Dollar Shave Club Value Proposition Statement – Option #1:

Dollar Shave Club (company name) is a razor blade (product) delivery service (service) for men (group of people) so they don’t pay for shave tech they don’t need (benefit #1) or have to remember to buy razor blades (benefit #2).

If it sounds better, you can rearrange the components of template sentence option #1 to get template sentence option #2, or create your own.

Template Sentence – Option #2:

Company name helps this group of people provides this benefit (or solves this problem) with this product and/or service.

Dollar Shave Club Value Proposition Statement – Option #2:

Dollar Shave Club (company name) helps men (group of people) stop paying for shave tech they don’t need (benefit #1) or have to remember to buy razor blades (benefit #2) with a razor blade (product) delivery service (service).


Dollar Shave Club does a great job of communicating the information from the four questions, ensuring everyone is clear on the value the company is offering and the promise it is making to customers.

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